Sublime Merge Build 1070

October 10, 2018 by Jon Skinner All Posts

Sublime Merge Build 1070 is out now, with Commit Folding. Commit Folding collapses merge commits down into a single entry in the commit graph, with the ability to click on a commit to show the merged-in branch.

This is a big help in repositories with lots of branching, it takes the commit graph visualization from a tangle of lines into a clean history. This ability to start with a compact overview, and interactivly drill down into areas of interest is a key advantage to using a Git GUI.


We've also given the Location Bar a makeover: branches can now be hidden (you can also alt-click on a branch to hide everything but that branch), and branches are grouped into folders when they have slashes in their name. There's also a host of quality-of-life features, including improved font rendering on macOS Mojave.

1070 delivers the first part of our near term roadmap. You can see the rest of what we're working on right now in the Sublime Merge Roadmap post.

Sublime Merge Build 1070 is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, from the Download page.