Sublime Merge is available for 64 bit platforms only.

Sublime Merge may be downloaded and evaluated for free, however a license must be purchased for continued use. There is currently no enforced time limit for the evaluation.


Build 2096

22 April 2024

New Features and Improvements

  • Enhanced the character diffing algorithm for greater precision
  • Enhanced readability of text selections in diffs
  • Improved rendering performance for file lists with many files
  • Enhanced clarity of stash drop messages
  • Improved submodule processing performance
  • Introduced HDR file support for image diffs
  • Added an option to display carriage returns at end-of-line, configurable per platform (visible_carriage_returns_at_eol)
  • Introduced 'Switch Repository' option in the command palette
  • Enhanced interface with additional assistive tooltips
  • Refreshed the design of sidebar icons
  • Windows: Enabled periodic garbage collection to improve performance


  • Resolved issues with viewport tracking in the Blame view
  • Corrected incorrect icons displaying for newly created files in the Blame view
  • Fixed restoration order of repository tabs
  • Resolved unstaging errors for renamed files
  • Eliminated jumping behavior in large tabs during dragging
  • Fixed errors in the commit message cleanup process
  • Removed irrelevant entries in the multi-file context menu
  • Resolved processing errors in newline normalization rules
  • Corrected search and blame algorithms to respect the selected diff algorithm
  • Implemented multiple memory optimizations
  • Enhanced stability by resolving multiple crashes
  • Linux: Corrected font scaling issues related to the "ui_scale" setting

Build 2091

23 August 2023

New Features and Improvements

  • Added ability to edit staged files directly using the index editor
  • Text Diffs: Added diff_algorithm preference. By default, Sublime Merge will match the diff.algorithm Git preference.
  • Text Diffs: Carriage returns are always rendered unless newline normalization is enabled
  • Image Diffs: Added WebP support
  • Search: Added is-visible keyword
  • Search: Improved performance for contents queries
  • Search: Added support for branch queries as a subqueries
  • Repository Tabs: Added support for setting tab aliases via the tab context menu
  • LFS: Added ability to track files via the Files list context menu
  • LFS: Added icon to files tracked with LFS
  • Day/month/year ordering is now extracted from the user locale
  • Added support for loading Git objects on demand (partial clone support)
  • Added Change Theme to command palette
  • Added keybinding to navigate to the second parent of a commit (Alt+Shift+Down)
  • Added support for the context key in mousemaps
  • The parents row on commits with no parents is now hidden
  • Improved repository scanning performance
  • Various syntax highlighting improvements


  • Fixed files list selections sometimes resetting when filtering
  • Fixed commit message ordering when squashing commits
  • Fixed Sublime Merge crashing with non-required Git filters
  • Fixed line count indicator showing for non-loaded diffs
  • Fixed word-based commands being enabled for password fields
  • Fixed the commit message editing command not providing Git output
  • Fixed scroll position being reset after deleting a branch
  • Fixed commit editing not showing the command output
  • Fixed git commondir handling
  • Fixed repository scanning crash with lock files
  • Windows: Fixed argument quoting for MSYS2 Git
  • Windows: Fixed Git clone failing on Windows when clone directory didn't exist
  • Windows: Fixed tooltips sometimes not being removed
  • Windows: Fixed OpenGL related crash
  • Windows, Linux: Assigned Ctrl + F4 keybinding to close tab
  • Linux: User config and cache paths are now created at startup if not present
  • Linux: Fixed crash when switching windows with a context menu open
  • Linux, Mac: Attempt to find the license key for the user when using sudo
  • Mac: Better support for running as root
  • Mac: Fixed unresponsiveness on certain signed commits
  • Mac: Fixed various memory errors

Build 2083

6 February 2023

New Features and Improvements

  • Automatically fetch with the new auto_fetch preference
  • Files tab: Added support for multi-select
  • Locations tab: Branches with invalid tracking information are now faded
  • Added preference for ordering commit graph by author date
  • Search: Selects the current search query when opening search page
  • Custom commands now support selectors anywhere in an argument
  • Added expand_untracked_files_by_default preference
  • Added re-run button to failed commands in the command history


  • Windows and Mac: Updated bundled Git to 2.39.1 (addresses CVE-2022-41903 and CVE-2022-23521)
  • Mac and Linux: Fixed large Git LFS diffs failing to load
  • Mac: Fixed Sublime Merge crashing when child processes crash
  • Fixed git filters hanging on Windows
  • Fixed crash when creating tags on certain commits
  • Fixed incorrect count in branch "ahead" indicator tooltips
  • Fixed syntax highlighting performance issue due to backtracking
  • Fixed modified commit messages being discarded when continuing cherry-pick
  • Fixed memory leak when searching with certain terms
  • Fixed HEAD indictator not updating when initializing submodules
  • Fixed some Git commands failing on branches called stash
  • Fixed "Resolve" conflict buttons not handling file deletions

Build 2079

14 November 2022
  • Added Open Submodule to command palette
  • Added Copy Tag Name to tag context menu
  • Added support for GIT_CONFIG_SYSTEM and GIT_CONFIG_GLOBAL environment variables
  • Improved unsafe repository detection
  • Added license date to about window
  • Fixed hunk header expansion selecting text beneath header
  • Fixed bug that disabled commit message editing
  • Fixed commit message loss when stashing in certain situations
  • Fixed commit edits failing when submodule changes are detected
  • Fixed signature verification failing for ssh signatures
  • Fixed crash when opening context menu below table of contents
  • Mac: Fixed license being removed due to mac address changing
  • Mac: Miscellaneous Ventura fixes

Build 2077

22 August 2022

New Features and Improvements

  • Patches: Easily create and apply patches using the commit and file context menus. Apply patches using the application menu or command palette.
  • Stash: Added support for --staged flag
  • Diffs: Added/Deleted files are now always displayed as inline diffs
  • Commit Graph: Added commit_graph_author_date preference
  • Added Create Branch from Remote Branch back to command palette
  • Added Open Containing Folder to the command palette


  • Fixed open_in_editor command waiting
  • Update dialog now displays license validity information
  • Updated pull/push keybindings to remove conflicts with OS keybindings
  • Fixed table of contents files missing cherry pick and revert menu items
  • Fixed signature verification and commit editing failing on repositories with detached working directories
  • Fixed edit_commit_contents failing on commits with no grandparents
  • Fixed navigate_to_tag failing to find tags
  • Command history layout state now persists
  • Fixed empty condensed branch annotations appearing
  • Fixed file mode changes disappearing when all hunks are staged
  • Fixed crash when staging certain files with file mode changes
  • Improved commit message syntax highlighting
  • Tweaked theming for headers in dark theme
  • Various performance fixes
  • Mac: Fixed double clicking on title bar not zooming

Build 2074

9 June 2022

New Features and Improvements

  • Application: Added dialog to mark unsafe repositories as safe
  • Tags: Added tags to checkout command
  • Search: file and path queries now support absolute paths and Windows-style paths
  • Files List: Added context menu for commit files
  • Revert: Added warning when checking out a branch when a revert is in progress
  • Various syntax highlighting improvements
  • Added ruler_style setting


  • Submodules: Fixed submodule diffs showing outdated hashes
  • Files List: Fixed discard filtered files ignoring the filter
  • Files List: Fixed files list filter applying to commit dialog context menus
  • Navigation: Fixed tab-navigation focusing on hidden dialogs
  • Filters: Fixed certain filters causing the application to hang
  • Commit Message: Removed extra padding in commit message input
  • Mac: Fixed bundled Git compatibility
  • Mac: Fixed context menu input focus bug

Build 2071

25 April 2022

New Features and Improvements

  • Files List: Stage filtered files using the file section context menus
  • Improved interface for staging/unstaging large changesets
  • Commit List: Added keyboard support for opening context menus
  • Branches: Combined all checkout commands into a single command
  • Branches: Added ability to unset upstreams
  • Search: Added auto-matching for quotes
  • Submodules: Added support for non-absorbed submodules
  • Create Tag: Added warning when tag name is invalid


  • Fixed scroll position being lost when dropping a commit
  • Fixed scroll tracking when staging large files
  • Fixed commit message container layout issues
  • Fixed hunk container layout issue for large hunks
  • Fixed OpenGL rendering issue related to the wrong context being active
  • Fixed shadow related OpenGL rendering bug
  • Fixed potential for corrupted menu items in commit message history
  • Fixed back button not working in file history
  • Syntax Highlighting: Fixed crash caused by starting a branch point at the end of a line
  • Windows and Mac: Updated bundled Git to 2.35.3 (addresses CVE-2022-24765 and CVE-2022-24767)
  • Mac: Fixed Ctrl+Mouse1 not opening commit graph context menus
  • Mac: Added work around for broken modal loops
  • Linux: Follow system scroll bar overlay setting
  • Linux: Fixed various issues caused by the C locale

Build 2068

21 December 2021

New Features and Improvements

  • Search: Quickly write queries with auto-complete suggestions
  • Improved OpenGL rendering performance by automatically batching together controls
  • Fetch / Pull Command: Added ability to fetch tags
  • Merge Command: Merge unrelated histories using the allow-unrelated-histories flag
  • Set Upstream Command: Indicate the current upstream in the list of remote branches
  • Commit Details: Added context menus to commit metadata items
  • Commit Dialog: Stage submodule changes using Enter
  • Commit Messages: Added support for strip and default modes of commit.cleanup
  • Commit Messages: Warn when commit message only contains comments
  • Context Variables: Access the in-progress commit message via the commit_message variable
  • Settings: Highlight missing signatures and public keys as errors with signature_error_highlighting
  • Settings: Added draw_unicode_bidi setting, which is enabled by default
  • Recent Repositories: Added Clear missing menu item
  • Recent Repositories: Prompt to remove from list when opening non-existent repositories
  • Clone Page: Added tooltips to clone page inputs


  • Commit Editing: Fixed author information being updated
  • Fixed lines with whitespace preceding comment characters being treated as comments
  • Fixed light changelog displaying when dark theme is enabled
  • Fixed crash when selecting previous commit messages containing certain UTF-8 sequences
  • Fixed issue with rebase branch preview
  • Fixed data corruption potentially occurring if a crash happens while saving the session
  • Fixed crash when filtering table of contents
  • Windows: Fixed crash when OpenGL initialization fails
  • Mac and Windows: Fixed command line / terminal not taking focus after waiting
  • Mac: Fixed Window > Merge All Windows merging minimized windows
  • Mac: Fixed native tabs restoration resulting in odd behavior
  • Linux: Added missing libcurl dependency for package managers

Build 2063

26 Oct 2021

New Features and Improvements

  • Search by branch using the branch: operator or via the branch context menus
  • Stage hunks and individual lines on untracked files
  • Navigate to commit references in commit messages using the context menu
  • Add comment and commit highlighting to commit messages
  • Added new update dialog that shows versions, license status and links to the changelog
  • Added indicators to repository tabs with uncommitted changes
  • Added context menus for uncommitted file tabs
  • Updated repository tabs to show the full repository path in a tooltip
  • Updated file tabs to show the relative path in a tooltip
  • Improved the authentication dialog for GitHub users
  • Improved hardware acceleration performance when rendering white space
  • Improved the update_remote_url command to populate with the current URL
  • Various syntax definition updates


  • Fixed gpg hanging on certain systems
  • Fixed the incorrect menu showing for staged files
  • Fixed diff selections not rendering correctly when line_padding is set
  • Windows: Fixed slow window creation when using OpenGL

Build 2059

23 July 2021

New Features and Improvements

  • Cherry Pick multiple commits via the commit graph and context menu
  • Cherry Pick: added support for the-x flag
  • Revert multiple commits via the commit graph and context menu
  • Set commit templates via the Git config variable commit.template (see here for more info)
  • Hardware Acceleration: multiple performance improvements
  • Double click remote branches to create local branches in the Locations bar
  • Added Copy Repository Path to action menu
  • Added Update remote URL and Copy remote URL to remote context menu
  • Focus on the checked out branch using Ctrl+8 (Cmd+8 for MacOS)
  • Open recent commit messages using Ctrl+; (Cmd+; for MacOS)
  • Add Remote: name input is now validated
  • Updated "Pull" button to perform a fetch when in a detached HEAD state
  • Mac and Linux: open Quick Switch Repository via Ctrl+Alt+P/Cmd+Ctrl+P
  • Tweaked how the Push command is displayed in the command palette
  • Safe mode shortcuts can be disabled by creating a file in the data directory called .Disable Safe Mode Shortcut


  • Fixed cherry picks failing when the parent folder doesn't exist
  • Restored missing Continue button when a cherry pick has been paused
  • Restored missing commit button when unmerged files are present
  • Fixed up/down behavior in command palette
  • Fixed image diffs failing to load Git LFS images
  • Fixed default input focus for the files list
  • Fixed Sublime Merge opening a new window via Sublime Text integrations
  • Fixed crash when closing window
  • Disabled discard command for staged files
  • Windows: fixed globs not being expanded sometimes
  • Linux: Improved cancel/ok dialog ordering consistency

Build 2056

17 May 2021
  • Add $commit_message context variable for historical commits
  • Fix memory leak on Windows

Build 2054

4 May 2021
  • Mac releases now include native Apple Silicon binaries
  • Easily filter through large filesets using the new files filter
  • Cherry pick hunks using the … button on hunks
  • Moving the caret in diffs now scrolls the viewport
  • Added the chain command, which accepts a list of commands to run in its "commands" argument - useful for chaining Git commands together
  • Improved default selection behavior for switch repository
  • Commit message history: ensure entries are unique
  • Added support for Scroll Bar.sublime-mousemap to customize scrollbar interaction
  • Added "Report a Bug" entry in the Help menu
  • Linux: use native file dialogs, allowing use of the KDE dialogs
  • Windows: fixed clone dialog not pre-filling
  • Fixed gpg signature verification hanging
  • Fixed stale commit messages displaying when editing commit contents
  • Fixed memory issue when rebasing
  • Fixed command status popups not disappearing

Build 2050

12 March 2021
  • Allow command palette navigation with Tab / Shift + Tab
  • Fixed newlines appearing in the commit message history
  • Fixed blame tooltips not updating in certain circumstances
  • Fixed crash when staging files with certain file encodings
  • Windows and Mac: updated bundled Git to 2.30.2 (addresses CVE-2021-21300)
  • Windows: fixed clean and smudge filters hanging on certain files
  • Linux: improved application menu theming

Build 2047

23 February 2021

New Features

  • Location bar: find branches easily with the new filter bar
  • Location bar: ahead / behind indicators can now be clicked to push / pull
  • Location bar: branch folders now have context menus
  • Tags: added command to checkout tags
  • Tags: added command to delete remote tags
  • Stashes: added command to delete all stashes (git stash clear)
  • Push: added --no-verify option
  • Remote branches: added command to checkout corresponding local branch
  • Custom commands: select remotes with the new select_remote selector
  • Added resize_window command
  • Added commit message tooltip to each parent in the parents section of a commit


  • Windows: upgraded the application title bar
  • Linux: upgraded the application title bar on Gnome
  • Image diffs: PSD, TGA, PPM, and PGM files now display a rich diff
  • Blame: significant loading time improvements
  • Commit graph: simplified context menus
  • Improved indentation detection
  • Switch Repository dialog: open new tabs via Ctrl key (Cmd for MacOS)
  • Updated Ctrl+R/Cmd+R to run navigate_to_branch command
  • Updated refresh command keybinding to Ctrl+Shift+H/Cmd+Shift+H
  • Updated diff titles to elide when space is limited
  • Updated theming of the files list
  • Added various syntax highlighting improvements
  • Detached HEAD state is now more explicit
  • Remember which workspace each window is in by default (controlled via the setting remember_workspace)
  • Parent folders of the currently checked out branch are now highlighted in the location bar
  • Navigation commands: a warning is displayed when exiting the merge tool
  • Askpass dialog now supports fingerprint input
  • Askpass dialog now detects keypad Enter
  • Added themed_title_bar setting
  • Menu files: added submenu IDs
  • Interactive rebase: the break flag is now supported
  • Mac: improved OpenGL rendering performance
  • Windows and Mac: Updated bundled Git to 2.29.2
  • Linux: added various performance optimisations


  • Editing commits now signs the edited commits
  • Added back missing progress bar for long-running commands
  • Fixed newly cloned repositories not loading preferences
  • Previous commit messages are now saved per-repository
  • Fixed incorrect context menus displaying in location bar
  • Improved compatibility on filesystems with large timestamp imprecision
  • Fixed inability to revert files if their parent directory does not exist
  • Fixed crash when closing the preferences page
  • Fixed empty selections being rendered as a line
  • Fixed window positions not restoring correctly in certain situations
  • Mac: smerge now correctly restores window positions
  • Mac: updated icon to follow macOS 11 style
  • Mac: added a workaround for Apple M1 OpenGL graphics driver bug that caused text to be rendered incorrectly
  • Mac: fixed bug in batching of large Git commands
  • Mac: added workaround for the command line helper when app translocation is in effect
  • Windows: added a workaround for Intel OpenGL graphics driver bug that caused black bars at the top of some windows
  • Windows: fixed glyph rendering bugs
  • Windows: fixed flashing when using OpenGL and resizing a window
  • Windows: fixed bug in subpixel antialiasing
  • Linux and Mac: fixed clean and smudge filters hanging on certain files
  • Linux: fixed bug with the caret not moving after performing a text drag
  • Linux: fixed freezing on KDE Plasma

Build 2038

30 October 2020

New Features and Improvements 💎

  • Added commit graph theming improvements - branch colors now match graph edge colors
  • Updated custom git commands to support launching editor
  • Updated custom git commands to allow for selecting branches and other refs - see the docs for details
  • Improved commit dialog scroll tracking
  • Added navigate_to_stash command
  • Added Drop Stash… to the command palette
  • Tweaked merge algorithm to merge nearby conflicts
  • Updated clone page to trim leading and trailing whitespace
  • Updated create_branch/rename_branch command to convert whitespace to hyphens
  • Improved lexer performance

Preferences 🎚️

  • Added editor_wait_args to preferences
  • Added preference set GIT_SSH env var (useful for overriding the default SSH client)
  • Updated preference categories

Git ⚙️

  • Updated image diff file size limit
  • Fixed bug were commits only reachable by tags were not visible
  • Fixed edge case bug when staging single lines
  • Fixed revert hunk displaying success message in some failure cases
  • Fixed bug where some Scalar pack files weren't loaded
  • Windows: fixed bug with git config path resolution

Miscellaneous Fixes 🐞

  • Fixed incorrect ordering of commit dialog tabs
  • Fixed smerge not preserving session information in some situations
  • Fixed session loading bug with multiple repository tabs
  • Fixed bug with Korean IME
  • Fixed commit summary sizing bug
  • Fixed inability to scroll to the end of the commit dialog in some circumstances
  • Fixed invalid initialize submodule menu item
  • Renamed Show Branch… to Show Hidden Branch…
  • Fixed edge-case in delete_remote command
  • Fixed theme reloading twice
  • Fixed clone page not receiving input focus by default
  • OpenGL: fixed rendering issue due to AMD driver bug on Windows
  • OpenGL: fixed blurry checkboxes
  • OpenGL: improved bold rendering with bugged intel drivers
  • Syntax Definitions: fixed infinite loop bug
  • Syntax Definitions: renamed TypeScript to TSX, and added a new vanilla TypeScript syntax

Build 2032

25 August 2020

New Features and Improvements 💎

  • Added full file diffs - click the toggle button in the hunk header to toggle between individual changes and the full file
  • Added Git LFS image diff support
  • Improved performance when loading image diffs
  • Added history dropdown to the search page
  • Added tab selector to the repository tab bar
  • Improved --set-upstream behavior
  • Linux: added touch event handling

Rendering 🎨

  • Fixed an OpenGL text rendering issue
  • OpenGL: fixed glyph corruption due to an AMD driver bug on Windows
  • Mac: fixed rendering bug

Diffs 📃

  • Fixed clean filters not applying to modified files
  • Fixed context dragger not displaying for some diffs
  • Fixed scrolling behavior regression in commit dialog
  • Windows: fixed directory junctions being marked as untracked
  • Fixed line-based operations failing occasionally

Miscellaneous Fixes 🐞

  • Updated show_all_refs to display when any refs are hidden
  • Fixed incorrect context menu behavior when the underlying controls are updated
  • Fixed signed tags failing when no tag message is supplied
  • Fixed custom themes not loading into askpass dialogs
  • Fixed input focus handling in commit dialog
  • Improved scrolling behavior in preferences page
  • Windows: fixed crash on Windows due to IME
  • Windows: fixed clone page not automatically populating source URL
  • Windows: fixed bug in open_dir_in_sublime_text
  • Mac: added support for editor arguments in preferences
  • Windows: fixed crash when window edge overlaps with faded text

Build 2027

28 July 2020
  • Fixed high memory usage associated with image diffs
  • Windows: fixed open_dir_in_sublime_text sometimes missing on Windows

Build 2025

22 Jul 2020

New Features and Improvements 💎

  • Added image diffs
  • Added Revert Hunk
  • Added rename_remote command
  • Added --set-upstream option to push menu
  • Added always_show_command_status preference
  • Commit Signatures: added GPG4Win support
  • Search: added tree operator, which matches commits with the given tree hash
  • Improved merge algorithm for merge tool
  • Improved gitflow finish support
  • Added drag-drop support to welcome page

Rendering 🎨

  • Fixed several OpenGL related rendering issues
  • Color Schemes: Fixed text background drawing over underlines

Syntax Definitions 📝

  • Added out of the box support for TypeScript and JSX, with thanks to Thomas Smith
  • Added "extends" keyword in .sublime-syntax
  • Added "version: 2" in .sublime-syntax to fix edge cases while retaining backwards compatibility
  • Added lazy loading of external "embed" actions
  • Reduced cache size on disk
  • Prevent infinite include loops via with_prototype
  • Improved matching performance and memory usage
  • Added "hidden_extensions" in .sublime-syntax
  • Allow combining "pop" with "push"/"set"/"embed"/"branch"
  • Fixed a number of scope related bugs
  • Fixed some regex capture related bugs

Input Handling ⌨️

  • Added forward and back navigation to mousemap
  • Mac: Fixed ctrl+mouse1 not matching the behavior of mouse2
  • Windows: Fixed IME bugs

Miscellaneous Fixes 🐞

  • Windows: safe mode is now activated via shift+alt
  • Search: fixed typographical error
  • Fixed git command output scrolling when output overflows dialog
  • Fixed freeze when switching tabs while command palette is open
  • Fixed some symlinks being incorrectly marked as modified on Windows
  • Session is now saved when application is notified of system shutdown
  • Improved contrast between selected and unselected repository tabs
  • Fixed minor file tab theming bugs
  • Fixed crash when core.ignorecase is enabled
  • Fixed crash when navigating to a commit message while rebasing
  • Location Bar: fixed incorrect branch count with nested branches
  • Files Bar: fixed selection regression in tree view
  • Fixed selection bug in command palette

Build 2020

26 May 2020


  • New UI, including repository tabs
  • GPU Rendering
  • UI: Reworked Commit Dialog
  • UI: Added repository tabs, to have multiple repositories open in a single window
  • UI: Added file tabs when viewing the contents of a commit
  • Implement commit signature creation and validation
  • Added a lines changed indicator to commits
  • Added command history, available from the Show Git Output icon in the tool bar
  • Added commit message history, available from the dropdown arrow in the commit message box
  • Added support for non-overlay scrollbars in diffs
  • Added Resolve Ours / Resolve Theirs dropdown to unmerged files
  • URLs in commit messages and git output can be opened via the context menu
  • Left and Right keys can be used to expand/collapse merge commits
  • Added Navigate/Go to Child
  • Stash commands no longer supply -q by default, to work around a bug in Git 2.24
  • Checking out a hidden ref will make the ref visible
  • Add Recent Repositories to Welcome Page
  • Search: Added before and after operators
  • Added set_preference and toggle_preference commands
  • Added gitflow publish support
  • Preferences: Updating settings via the preferences dialog no longer clears comments in the settings file
  • Preferences: Added Preferences entry for Ignore Whitespace in diffs
  • Added checks for pushDefault and pushRemote when pushing
  • Added Tools/Show Console
  • Improved selection behavior while loading large repositories
  • Improved menu auto hide behavior on Linux and Windows
  • Improved performance with a very large number of untracked or modified files
  • Improved performance in repositories with a large number of authors
  • Running smerge without any arguments will focus the current window, if any
  • Fixed not being able to commit when email is set to empty string
  • Fixed a bug in destination path calculation in the clone dialog
  • Fixed Create Tag with an empty message creating the tag incorrectly
  • Fixed hunk staging using the wrong encoding in some scenarios
  • Fixed shift+enter staging a file even when focus is in commit message box

Merge Tool

  • Indentation settings are now automatically detected from the contents of the file
  • Saving a file with unresolved conflicts will warn before saving
  • Added a preference to trim trailing whitespace on save

GPU Rendering

  • New hardware_acceleration setting will composite the UI on the GPU
  • By default, GPU rendering is enabled on Mac, and disabled on Windows and Linux. This can be changed via the Preferences dialog.
  • Details about the active GPU will be displayed in the Console


  • Git: Added support for smudge and clean filters, enabling Git LFS support
  • Git: Improved handling of the working-tree-encoding attribute
  • Git: Improved parsing of .gitattributes files
  • Git: Added support for GUI encoding config
  • Windows and Mac: Updated bundled Git to 2.26.2
  • Windows: Fixed core.worktree support
  • Submodules: Added Initialize All Submodules context menu
  • Submodules: The location bar now indicates the value of HEAD for each submodule

Editor Control

  • Expanded draw_white_space setting, supporting leading and trailing white space
  • Unicode white space characters, such as the zero width no-break space, are now drawn as hex values. Controlled via draw_unicode_white_space setting.
  • Spell Checking: Added support for languages with upper case characters after start of word
  • Spell Checking: Updated dictionaries
  • Spell Checking: Added support for non-utf8 dictionaries
  • Spell Checking: System dictionaries are now available on Linux
  • Spell Checking: Dictionaries in ~/Library/Spelling are now available on Mac
  • Linux: Text drag and drop is now supported
  • Linux: Added support for alternate font weight names
  • Linux: Selection is no longer cleared when another application makes a selection

Text Commands

  • Improved behavior of Wrap Paragraph
  • Improved behavior of Swap Lines
  • Added Selection/Expand Selection as a general mechanism to expand the selection
  • Selection/Split into Lines will now split a selection into words if the selection doesn't contain any newlines
  • Fixed swap_line_down not being able to swap an empty line onto the last line of a file

Input Handling

  • Modifier key taps can now be used as part of a key binding. For example, ["ctrl", "ctrl"] will trigger when Ctrl is pressed twice without pressing any other keys in between.
  • Linux: AltGr can now be used in key bindings via altgr
  • Linux: Added a workaround for a touchscreen driver bug, which would cause right click and mouse scrolling to stop working
  • Linux: When the menu is hidden, pressing alt will show it
  • Linux: Improved compatibility with some keyboard layouts
  • Mac: Fix Pinyin input
  • Mac: Keypad keys can now be bound to as expected
  • Mac: Improved compatibility with some keyboard layouts
  • Windows, Linux: Hide mouse cursor when typing. Controlled via hide_pointer_while_typing setting.
  • Windows, Linux: Fixed being unable to bind Ctrl+Break
  • Windows: Improved IME support
  • Windows, Linux: Added Shift+F10 key binding to open the context menu


  • Added highlight_gutter and highlight_line_number settings
  • Themes now have a style property for title_bar element, for better integration with OS "dark modes"
  • Color Schemes: Added glow font option to color schemes
  • Color Schemes: Added support for the underline font style
  • Linux: Show sequential key bindings in the menu
  • Linux: Fixed context menu position being slightly offset


  • Windows, Linux: Added support for per-display subpixel ordering
  • Mac: Improved window resize performance
  • Windows: Fixed rendering bug where other applications could cause persistent artifacts via window animations

Application Behavior

  • Added Safe Mode, to simulate a clean install. Enabled by passing --safe-mode on the command line.
  • Holding down Shift on Windows, or Option on macOS, will start Sublime Merge in Safe Mode
  • Settings containing a UTF-8 BOM will no longer fail to load

Syntax Definitions

  • Added ability to "branch" within syntax definitions, for non-deterministic or multi-line constructs
  • Many syntax highlighting improvements, including significant improvements to:
  • Improved syntax definition load time
  • Fixed a performance issue with bounded repeats in regular expressions

Build 1116

3 June 2019
  • Large files are now only diffed when clicked on
  • Merge Tool: Added Take Left and Take Right options
  • Merge Tool: Can now Save and Stage in one action
  • --no-verify can be passed when committing
  • Rebase Commit is now available in the context menu for all commits
  • Revert Commit now works with merge commits
  • Added separate key bindings for Stage All and Stage All Modified files for clarity
  • Added an explicit close button to the search bar
  • Table of Contents: Clicking an already selected row no longer closes the diff
  • Various syntax highlighting improvements
  • Improved behavior when doing a line restricted file history search and toggling ignore whitespace
  • Added support for the intent-to-add flag in the index
  • Fixed includeIf handling in git config files not interpreting ~ relative paths correctly
  • Fixed UTF8 BOMs not being handled correctly in .gitignore files
  • Fixed Edit Commit Message not working in work trees
  • Fixed standalone merge tool not supporting the key binding for Next Conflict
  • Fixed smerge mergetool not handling relative paths correctly
  • Fixed smerge log <dir> not working as expected
  • Mac: Added a workaround for a macOS OpenGL driver bug in 10.14.4
  • Linux: Fixed incorrect file ownership in the deb packages
  • Linux: Added support for text drag and drop
  • Linux: Improved high dpi handling under KDE

Build 1107

12 March 2019
  • The Contents section of the sidebar can now be switched between showing changed files and all files
  • Sublime Merge can now be used as a standalone merge tool, via the smerge command line helper. See smerge --help for details.
  • Merge tool: Improved UI for switching between the Base file and the Merged file
  • Added Navigate/Go to Parent menu item
  • Improved clone dialog
  • Improved side bar context menus
  • Various syntax highlighting improvements
  • Merge tool now indicates which lines have been modified in the merged file
  • Merge tool: swap_line_up, swap_line_down and duplicate_line commands are now supported
  • Fixed git flow commands appearing inconsistently
  • Mac: Add full support for macOS native tabs
  • Mac: Ensure context menus are shown without scrolling
  • Mac: Error message dialogs can now be closed with the escape key
  • Linux: Color glyphs are now drawn properly on light backgrounds
  • Windows: Fix DirectWrite handling of fonts with lineGap > 0

Build 1103

24 January 2019
  • New Preferences Dialog
  • New Merge Dialog
  • Added support for includeIf in Git config files
  • Various syntax highlighting improvements
  • Windows and Linux: Improved IME compatibility
  • Added Navigate to Branch
  • Added Navigate to Tag
  • Added Set Branch Upstream to the Command Palette
  • Added Hide Branch to the branch context menu
  • Added Hard Reset option to the diverged banner
  • The diverged banner now shows the exact git commands that will be run in tooltips
  • Improved behavior of clone dialog when selecting a target directory

Build 1097

6 December 2018
  • Various syntax highlighting improvements
  • Fixed backspace not discarding selected lines
  • Mac: Improved resize performance
  • Mac: Fixed missing key bindings in menu items
  • Windows: Fixed Clone dialog not working correctly
  • Windows: Updated Git Credential Manager to 1.18.1
  • Linux: GTK3 + Wayland compatibility fixes
  • Linux: Fixed GTK3 double and triple click handling
  • Linux: Fixed a crash when using GTK_IM_MODULE=xim

Build 1092

29 November 2018
  • Added Contents view in the side bar, to focus on individual files
  • Double-clicking or pressing space in the commit graph will focus on the first file of the selected commit
  • Added Word Wrap
  • Clone: Can now change the directory name being cloned into
  • Added hide_menu setting
  • Edit Commit: Added Edit Commit Contents
  • Edit Commit: Added Fixup Commits
  • Edit Commit: Can now Drop multiple commits at once
  • Edit Commit: All Edit Commit operations now work with a detached head
  • Preferences: Can now set rulers via the preferences menu
  • Added Open Repository in Sublime Text menu item
  • Binary file detection heuristic now matches Git
  • Search help text is scrollable
  • Unicode: Improved rendering of combining characters
  • Ignore whitespace now only ignores space and tab changes, not newline changes
  • smerge blame now starts the blame from HEAD, rather than the selected commit
  • Fixed Delete Branch not always prompting for force delete when it needs to
  • Fixed line history not showing the initial commit that added the file
  • Fixed smerge blame not navigating to the target line when Sublime Merge is already running
  • Fixed search results being cleared when the repository is modified
  • Fixed viewing trees from search results not working when the commit is folded away
  • Git Flow: Fixed menu commands not working as expected
  • Fixed SSH Askpass helper only showing the first prompt line
  • Windows: Fixed handling of daylight saving time
  • Linux: Moved to GTK3

Build 1084

29 October 2018
  • Search: Added contents: operator, to find commits introducing or removing text
  • Can now ignore whitespace changes in diffs (available from the context menu)
  • Edit Commit: Added Squash Selected Commits
  • Support for core.worktree
  • Window state is now restored when re-opening a repository
  • Search: Merge commits are now automatically excluded when the query includes path:, file: or contents:. Specify min-parents: 0 to include them.
  • Location Bar: Tags are grouped into folders if they have a slash in their name
  • Tweaked commit graph rendering
  • Add new preference, time_format
  • Preferences: Default values are now indicated, rather than null
  • Preferences: Unquoted strings are accepted
  • Improved handling of network issues when working with repositories over a networked file system
  • Navigate to Commit now works as expected for hidden commits
  • Fixed context splitter showing through hunk headers
  • Fixed expand_merge_commits_by_default not being applied correctly at startup
  • Fixed bold text sometimes being applied incorrectly in the side bar
  • Fixed a blame regression in 1079
  • Mac: Added gpu_window_buffer setting, to disable usage of OpenGL

Build 1079

21 October 2018
  • Added "Merge With…" context menu to merge a branch with flags (--squash, --no-ff, etc)
  • Edit Commit: Added Move Commit Up
  • Edit Commit: Added Move Commit Down
  • Edit Commit: Added Drop Commit
  • Commit context menu tweaks
  • Location Bar: Refs are sorted via natural sorting, making numeric refs sort as expected
  • Make tag message optional for git flow finish command
  • Add git_env preference, to set the env vars git is launched with
  • Fixed a crash regression in 1075
  • Fixed stash labels having the wrong size

Build 1075

16 October 2018
  • Submodules are shown in the location bar
  • Submodules: Double clicking on a submodule will open the corresponding repository
  • Submodules: The number of modified and untracked files are shown next to each submodule
  • Submodules: New submodules can be added by right clicking in the location bar, or via the Command Palette
  • Submodules: Added functionality for Initialize, Update and Sync
  • Git Flow: Added support for git flow commands, via the Command Palette
  • Added setting expand_merge_commits_by_default, to unfold all merge commits by default
  • Show line and column position when entering a commit message
  • Partially entered commit messages are stored in the session
  • Hovering over a remote in the location bar will show its URL
  • Added key bindings for Pull and Push
  • Stage All will set input focus to the Commit Message entry box
  • Fixed Stash key bindings not being set correctly on Windows and Linux
  • Fixed per-branch ahead/behind counters not matching git output
  • Fixed entries removed from .gitmodules not being handled the same way as git
  • Fixed always visible scrollbars for submodule changes
  • Fixed a case where remote branches would be displayed incorrectly in the location bar
  • Fixed remotes with dots in their name not being parsed correctly
  • Fixed unix domain sockets showing up as untracked files
  • Windows: Updated bundled git to 2.19.1
  • Windows: Fixed extraneous horizontal scrollbar in some high dpi modes
  • Windows: Minimized and Maximized windows are now restored as expected
  • Mac: Updated bundled git to 2.19.0
  • Mac: Clicking on the dock icon will create a window if there are none

Build 1070

10 October 2018
  • Commit Folding: Merge commits are now folded by default; click on their icon to unfold
  • Location Bar: Branches can be hidden by clicking on the new eye icon
  • Location Bar: Alt-clicking will hide everything but the clicked on branch
  • Location Bar: The location bar is now a tree
  • Location Bar: Branches with slashes in their name are grouped in folders
  • Location Bar: Added per-branch ahead/behind counters
  • Location Bar: Width is stored in the session
  • Added Copy to Clipboard in the branch context menu
  • The commit message is now preserved when git commit fails
  • Added a Tools/Password Caching menu to easily setup credential caching on Linux
  • Added a git_config command to set git configuration options via the keyboard or menu
  • Clicking next to the author label no longer shows the Edit User dialog
  • Allow creating tags with empty messages
  • Fixed incorrect submodule handling with core.ignorecase turned on
  • Fixed a regression where the Continue Rebase button wasn't being shown
  • Fixed a case where git attributes weren't interpreted correctly
  • Changed handling of invalid gitignore rules, such as **\test to treat them the same way as Git
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when parsing git config files
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when closing a repository
  • Mac: Improved font rendering on Mojave
  • Mac: Fixed some commands not working when using the bundled version of git

Build 1065

2 October 2018
  • Added Stage All and Discard All buttons
  • Git worktrees are now supported
  • Support for .git directories populated with symlinks, as in AOSP
  • core.commentchar is now understood
  • Improved comment filtering when entering commit messages: only automatically generated comments will be stripped
  • Improved rename detection when viewing diffs and searching for files
  • Search: Now accepts "commit:" terms for search by commit hash
  • Restyled git error popup
  • Stash can now accept a message
  • Merge Tool: Improved LF vs CRLF selection logic
  • Fixed incorrect default value for core.excludesfiles
  • Fixed handling of backslashes in .gitignore files
  • Ctrl+F/Cmd+F no longer starts searching while in merge mode
  • Mac: Fixed windows being created offscreen in some setups
  • Mac: Fixed alpha blended windows on Mojave

Build 1062

27 September 2018
  • Fixed a regression in 1061 where unmerged files weren't updating
  • Mac: Basic support for Mojave Dark Mode

Build 1061

26 September 2018
  • Full core.ignorecase support, fixing some cases where status output differed from git
  • Added support for core.precomposedunicode
  • Added support for core.filemode
  • Added support for core.symlinks
  • Mac: Query login shell for default env vars
  • Fixed not checking $HOME/.config/git/config as a default config file path
  • Improve change descriptions for submodule changes
  • Merge Tool: Improved LF vs CRLF selection logic
  • Tweaked scroll delta when scrolling with the mouse wheel
  • Windows: Adjust $HOME calculation to match Git

Build 1058

21 September 2018
  • .gitgnore rule handling improvements
  • Improve handling of case-insensitive repositories
  • Allow committing to a detached head
  • Support for files marked --assume-unchanged and --skip-worktree
  • Fix dropping of stashes from the location bar not working correctly
  • Windows: Added SSH askpass support

Build 1055

20 September 2018
  • Welcome!