Sublime Merge is available for 64 bit platforms only.

Version: Build 1075

Sublime Merge may be downloaded and evaluated for free, however a license must be purchased for continued use. There is currently no enforced time limit for the evaluation.


Build 1075

16 October 2018
  • Submodules are shown in the location bar
  • Submodules: Double clicking on a submodule will open the corresponding repository
  • Submodules: The number of modified and untracked files are shown next to each submodule
  • Submodules: New submodules can be added by right clicking in the location bar, or via the Command Palette
  • Submodules: Added functionality for Initialize, Update and Sync
  • Git Flow: Added support for git flow commands, via the Command Palette
  • Added setting expand_merge_commits_by_default, to unfold all merge commits by default
  • Show line and column position when entering a commit message
  • Partially entered commit messages are stored in the session
  • Hovering over a remote in the location bar will show its URL
  • Added key bindings for Pull and Push
  • Stage All will set input focus to the Commit Message entry box
  • Fixed Stash key bindings not being set correctly on Windows and Linux
  • Fixed per-branch ahead/behind counters not matching git output
  • Fixed entries removed from .gitmodules not being handled the same way as git
  • Fixed always visible scrollbars for submodule changes
  • Fixed a case where remote branches would be displayed incorrectly in the location bar
  • Fixed remotes with dots in their name not being parsed correctly
  • Fixed unix domain sockets showing up as untracked files
  • Windows: Updated bundled git to 2.19.1
  • Windows: Fixed extraneous horizontal scrollbar in some high dpi modes
  • Windows: Minimized and Maximized windows are now restored as expected
  • Mac: Updated bundled git to 2.19.0
  • Mac: Clicking on the dock icon will create a window if there are none

Build 1070

10 October 2018
  • Commit Folding: Merge commits are now folded by default; click on their icon to unfold
  • Location Bar: Branches can be hidden by clicking on the new eye icon
  • Location Bar: Alt-clicking will hide everything but the clicked on branch
  • Location Bar: The location bar is now a tree
  • Location Bar: Branches with slashes in their name are grouped in folders
  • Location Bar: Added per-branch ahead/behind counters
  • Location Bar: Width is stored in the session
  • Added Copy to Clipboard in the branch context menu
  • The commit message is now preserved when git commit fails
  • Added a Tools/Password Caching menu to easily setup credential caching on Linux
  • Added a git_config command to set git configuration options via the keyboard or menu
  • Clicking next to the author label no longer shows the Edit User dialog
  • Allow creating tags with empty messages
  • Fixed incorrect submodule handling with core.ignorecase turned on
  • Fixed a regression where the Continue Rebase button wasn't being shown
  • Fixed a case where git attributes weren't interpreted correctly
  • Changed handling of invalid gitignore rules, such as **\test to treat them the same way as Git
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when parsing git config files
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when closing a repository
  • Mac: Improved font rendering on Mojave
  • Mac: Fixed some commands not working when using the bundled version of git

Build 1065

2 October 2018
  • Added Stage All and Discard All buttons
  • Git worktrees are now supported
  • Support for .git directories populated with symlinks, as in AOSP
  • core.commentchar is now understood
  • Improved comment filtering when entering commit messages: only automatically generated comments will be stripped
  • Improved rename detection when viewing diffs and searching for files
  • Search: Now accepts "commit:" terms for search by commit hash
  • Restyled git error popup
  • Stash can now accept a message
  • Merge Tool: Improved LF vs CRLF selection logic
  • Fixed incorrect default value for core.excludesfiles
  • Fixed handling of backslashes in .gitignore files
  • Ctrl+F/Cmd+F no longer starts searching while in merge mode
  • Mac: Fixed windows being created offscreen in some setups
  • Mac: Fixed alpha blended windows on Mojave

Build 1062

27 September 2018
  • Fixed a regression in 1061 where unmerged files weren't updating
  • Mac: Basic support for Mojave Dark Mode

Build 1061

26 September 2018
  • Full core.ignorecase support, fixing some cases where status output differed from git
  • Added support for core.precomposedunicode
  • Added support for core.filemode
  • Added support for core.symlinks
  • Mac: Query login shell for default env vars
  • Fixed not checking $HOME/.config/git/config as a default config file path
  • Improve change descriptions for submodule changes
  • Merge Tool: Improved LF vs CRLF selection logic
  • Tweaked scroll delta when scrolling with the mouse wheel
  • Windows: Adjust $HOME calculation to match Git

Build 1058

21 September 2018
  • .gitgnore rule handling improvements
  • Improve handling of case-insensitive repositories
  • Allow committing to a detached head
  • Support for files marked --assume-unchanged and --skip-worktree
  • Fix dropping of stashes from the location bar not working correctly
  • Windows: Added SSH askpass support

Build 1055

20 September 2018
  • Welcome!