Dev Builds

These are the in-progress versions of Sublime Merge, and are updated more frequently. Feel free to use them, but keep in mind you will be running less tested code, and you'll be seeing many more update notification prompts. Each release will normally have a topic in the forum.

Sublime Merge dev builds are currently available to everyone, but in the future will be available to licensed users only.

Version: Build 1098

Sublime Merge may be downloaded and evaluated for free, however a license must be purchased for continued use. There is currently no enforced time limit for the evaluation.


Build 1098

11 December 2018
  • New Preferences Dialog

Build 1096

5 December 2018
  • Windows: Updated Git Credential Manager to 1.18.1
  • Fixed backspace not discarding selected lines

Build 1095

5 December 2018
  • Windows: Fixed Clone dialog not working correctly
  • Linux: Further GTK3 + Wayland compatibility fixes

Build 1094

3 December 2018
  • Windows: Fixed Clone dialog not working correctly
  • Mac: Fixed missing key bindings in menu items
  • Linux: Fixed GTK3 double and triple click handling
  • Linux: Fixed a crash when using GTK_IM_MODULE=xim
  • Linux: Fixed popup windows on Wayland

Build 1093

30 November 2018
  • Various syntax highlighting improvements
  • Mac: Improved resize performance
  • Linux: Fixed crash on Wayland

Build 1091

29 November 2018
  • Linux: Support GTK3 in conjunction with client side decorations
  • Windows: Fix Open Repository in Sublime Text not working

Build 1090

27 November 2018
  • Added Open Repository in Sublime Text menu item
  • Ignore whitespace now only ignores space and tab changes, not newline changes
  • Fixed regression in 1087 where the Toggle Whitespace context menu item was inadvertently removed
  • Windows: Double clicking in the commit graph now selects the first file, matching other platforms

Build 1089

24 November 2018
  • Added hide_menu setting
  • Linux: Improved compatibility with older versions of GTK3
  • smerge blame now starts the blame from HEAD, rather than the selected commit
  • Fixed line history not showing the initial commit that added the file

Build 1088

21 November 2018
  • Linux: Moved to GTK3
  • Added Word Wrap support
  • Clone: Can now change the directory name being cloned into
  • Unicode: Improved rendering of combining characters
  • Binary file detection heuristic now matches Git
  • Fixed pressing space in the search box toggling the contents tab
  • Fixed smerge blame not navigating to the target line when Sublime Merge is already running

Build 1087

12 November 2018
  • Search help text is scrollable
  • Fixed search results being cleared when the repository is modified
  • Fixed viewing trees from search results not working when the commit is folded away
  • Fixed an Untracked Files display regression is 1086

Build 1086

9 November 2018
  • Added Contents view in the side bar, to focus on individual files
  • Double-clicking or pressing space in the commit graph will focus on the first file of the selected commit
  • Windows: Fixed handling of daylight saving time

Build 1085

31 October 2018
  • Edit Commit: Added Edit Commit Contents
  • Edit Commit: Added Fixup Commits
  • Edit Commit: Can now Drop multiple commits at once
  • Edit Commit: All Edit Commit operations now work with a detached head
  • Preferences: Can now set rulers via the preferences menu
  • Fixed Delete Branch not always prompting for force delete when it needs to
  • Git Flow: Fixed menu commands not working as expected
  • Fixed SSH Askpass helper only showing the first prompt line

Build 1083

27 October 2018
  • Window state is now restored when re-opening a repository
  • Navigate to Commit now works as expected for hidden commits
  • Add new preference, time_format
  • Commit Folding: HEAD is implicitly unfolded
  • Preferences: Default values are now indicated, rather than null
  • Preferences: Unquoted strings are accepted
  • Search: Merge commits are now automatically excluded only when the query includes path:, file: or contents:

Build 1081

25 October 2018
  • New windows are created with the same size and settings as the last window
  • Location bar and commit folding state are stored in the session
  • Mac and Windows: Times are shown as 24 hour times depending on the system locale
  • Improved handling of network issues when working with repositories over a networked file system
  • Fixed context splitter showing through hunk headers
  • Fixed expand_merge_commits_by_default not being applied correctly at startup
  • Fixed bold text sometimes being applied incorrectly in the side bar

Build 1080

23 October 2018
  • Can now ignore whitespace only changes in diffs (available from the context menu)
  • Edit Commit: Added Squash Selected Commits
  • Search: Added contents: operator, to find commits introducing or removing text
  • Search: Merge commits are ignored by default, unless a min-parents: or max-parents: operator is used
  • Location Bar: Tags are grouped into folders if they have a slash in their name
  • Support for core.worktree
  • Tweaked commit graph rendering
  • Fixed a regression in smerge blame
  • Mac: Added gpu_window_buffer setting, to disable usage of OpenGL

Build 1078

20 October 2018
  • Fixes for several rare crashes

Build 1077

19 October 2018
  • Add git_env preference, to set the env vars git is launched with
  • Commit context menu tweaks
  • Make tag message optional for git flow finish command
  • Improve error messages when editing a commit not in the current branch
  • Fixed a crash regression in 1076

Build 1076

18 October 2018
  • Added "Merge With…" context menu to merge a branch with flags (--squash, --no-ff, etc)
  • Edit Commit: Added Move Commit Up
  • Edit Commit: Added Move Commit Down
  • Edit Commit: Added Drop Commit
  • Location Bar: Refs are sorted via natural sorting, making numeric refs sort as expected
  • Fixed a crash regression in 1073
  • Fixed stash labels having the wrong size

Build 1074

15 October 2018
  • Stage All will set input focus to the Commit Message entry box
  • Added Git Flow commands to Tools menu
  • Fixed per-branch ahead/behind counters not matching git output
  • Fixed entries removed from .gitmodules not being handled the same way as git
  • Fixed always visible scrollbars for submodule changes

Build 1073

14 October 2018
  • Bundled versions of git include Git Flow
  • Mac: Updated bundled git to 2.19.0
  • Windows: Updated bundled git to 2.19.1
  • Windows: Fixed extraneous horizontal scrollbar in some high dpi modes

Build 1072

13 October 2018
  • Submodules are shown in the location bar
  • Submodules: Double clicking on a submodule will open the corresponding repository
  • Submodules: The number of modified and untracked files are shown next to each submodule
  • Submodules: New submodules can be added by right clicking in the location bar, or via the Command Palette
  • Submodules: Added functionality for Initialize, Update and Sync
  • Git Flow: Added support for git flow commands, via the Command Palette
  • Added key bindings for Pull and Push
  • Show line and column position when entering a commit message
  • Partially entered commit messages are stored in the session
  • Added setting expand_merge_commits_by_default, to unfold all merge commits by default
  • Hovering over a remote in the location bar will show its URL
  • Fixed a case where remote branches would be displayed incorrectly in the location bar
  • Fixed remotes with dots in their name not being parsed correctly
  • Fixed unix domain sockets showing up as untracked files
  • Fixed Stash key bindings not being set correctly on Windows and Linux
  • Windows: Minimized and Maximized windows are now restored as expected
  • Mac: Clicking on the dock icon will create a window if there are none

Build 1069

9 October 2018
  • Location Bar: Head can be hidden
  • Location Bar: Tags and Stashes can be hidden
  • Location Bar: Tweaked visuals
  • Mac: Fixed some commands not working when using the bundled version of git

Build 1068

8 October 2018
  • Location Bar: Alt-clicking will hide everything but the clicked on branch
  • Location Bar: Add visibility icon next to top-level entries
  • Location Bar: Added per-branch ahead/behind counters
  • Location Bar: Hidden branches are stored in the session
  • Location Bar: Width is stored in the session
  • Allow creating tags with empty messages
  • Fixed some incorrect commit folding behavior
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when parsing git config files
  • Mac: Further Mojave font rendering tweaks

Build 1067

5 October 2018
  • Commit Folding: Merge commits are now folded by default; click on their icon to unfold
  • Location Bar: The location bar is now a tree
  • Location Bar: Branches can be hidden by clicking on the eye icon
  • Location Bar: Branches with slashes in their name are grouped in a folder
  • The commit message is now preserved when git commit fails
  • Added Copy to Clipboard in the branch context menu
  • Fixed a regression where the Continue Rebase button wasn't being shown
  • Fixed a case where git attributes weren't interpreted correctly
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when closing a repository
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a diff failed to load
  • Mac: Tweaked font rendering on Mojave

Build 1066

3 October 2018
  • Fixed incorrect submodule handling with core.ignorecase turned on
  • Changed handling of invalid gitignore rules, such as **\test to treat them the same way as Git
  • Clicking next to the author label no longer shows the Edit User dialog
  • Added a Tools/Password Caching menu to easily setup credential caching on Linux
  • Added a git_config command to set git configuration options via the keyboard or menu
  • Mac: Fixed alpha blended windows on Mojave

Build 1064

29 September 2018
  • Fixed a crash regression when editing commit messages in 1063
  • Ctrl+F/Cmd+F no longer starts searching while in merge mode
  • Search syntax tweaks

Build 1063

28 September 2018
  • Added Stage All and Discard All buttons
  • Support git worktrees
  • Support .git directories filled with symlinks, as in AOSP
  • Added support for core.commentchar
  • Improved comment filtering when entering commit messages: only automatically generated comments will be stripped
  • Improved rename detection when viewing diffs and searching for files
  • Search: Now accepts "commit:" terms for search by commit hash
  • Stash can now accept a message
  • Restyled git error popup
  • Merge Tool: Improved LF vs CRLF selection logic
  • Fixed incorrect default value for core.excludesfiles
  • Fixed handling of backslashes in .gitignore files
  • Mac: Fixed windows being created offscreen in some setups

Build 1060

26 September 2018
  • Full core.ignorecase support, fixing some cases where status output differed from git
  • Added support for core.symlinks
  • Improve change descriptions for submodule changes
  • Windows: Fixed not checking $HOME/.config/git/config

Build 1059

24 September 2018
  • Added support for core.filemode
  • Merge Tool: Improved LF vs CRLF selection logic
  • Tweaked scroll delta when scrolling with the mouse wheel
  • Mac: Query login shell for default env vars
  • Mac: Added support for core.precomposedunicode
  • Fixed not checking $HOME/.config/git/config as a default config file path
  • Windows: Adjust $HOME calculation to match Git

Build 1057

21 September 2018
  • .gitgnore rule handling improvements
  • Improve handling of case-insensitive repositories
  • Allow committing to a detached head
  • Support for files marked --assume-unchanged and --skip-worktree
  • Fix dropping of stashes from the location bar not working correctly
  • Windows: Added SSH askpass support