Dev Builds

These are the in-progress versions of Sublime Merge, and are updated more frequently. Feel free to use them, but keep in mind you will be running less tested code, and you'll be seeing many more update notification prompts. Each release will normally have a topic in the forum.

Sublime Merge dev builds are currently available to everyone, but in the future will be available to licensed users only.

Sublime Merge may be downloaded and evaluated for free, however a license must be purchased for continued use. There is currently no enforced time limit for the evaluation.


Build 2095

19 April 2024
  • Linux: Fixed issue with smooth scrolling

Build 2094

11 April 2024
  • Fixed crash when opening the merge tool

Build 2093

10 April 2024
  • Diffs: Improved character diffing algorithm
  • Diffs: Improved selection readability
  • Blame: Fixed viewport tracking
  • Blame: Fixed incorrect icons displaying for newly created files
  • Repository Tabs: Fixed bug in restore order
  • Files List: Improved render performance with a large number of files
  • Fixed unstaging hunks failing when the file has been renamed
  • Fixed large tabs jumping when being dragged
  • Fixed bug in commit message clean up
  • Fixed bug in multi-file context menu
  • Improved stash drop message
  • Improved stability by fixing numerous crashes

Build 2092

27 October 2023
  • Submodules: Improved performance for repositories with submodules
  • Image diffs: Added support for HDR files
  • Newline normalization: Added visible_carriage_returns_at_eol setting (disabled on Windows, enabled on other platforms by default)
  • Newline normalization: Fixed bug in rules processing
  • Added Switch Repository to command palette
  • Added more assistive tooltips
  • Fixed search/blame not accounting for the selected diff algorithm
  • Fixed a number of crashes
  • Various memory fixes
  • Updated sidebar icons
  • Windows: Allow Git to periodically collect garbage
  • Linux: Fixed "ui_scale" setting not being applied to fonts correctly in some cases

Build 2090

21 August 2023
  • Fixed git commondir handling
  • Fixed repository scanning crash with lock files
  • Fixed commit graph loading regression
  • Windows: Fixed OpenGL related crash

Build 2089

17 August 2023
  • Added a timeout to commit signature verification
  • Fixed an infinite loop regression

Build 2088

15 August 2023
  • Updated blame to use author date rather than commit date
  • Fixed a crash regression when closing repository tabs
  • Fixed 24hr date formatting regression
  • Mac: Fixed bug in year/month/day formatting

Build 2087

11 August 2023
  • Fixed a crash regression in 2086

Build 2086

11 August 2023
  • Search: Added visible-only keyword
  • Search: Improved performance for contents queries
  • Search: Added support for branch queries as a subqueries
  • Repository Tabs: Added support for setting tab aliases via the tab context menu
  • LFS: Added ability to track files via the Files list context menu
  • LFS: Added icon to files tracked with LFS
  • Diffs: Carriage returns are always rendered unless newline normalization is enabled
  • Day/month/year ordering is now extracted from the user locale
  • Added support for loading Git objects on demand (partial clone support)
  • Added keybinding to navigate to the second parent of a commit (Alt+Shift+Down)
  • Added support for the "context" key in mousemaps
  • The parents row on commits with no parents is now hidden
  • Improved repository scanning performance
  • Various syntax highlighting improvements
  • Fixed files list selections sometimes resetting when filtering
  • Fixed commit message ordering when squashing commits
  • Fixed Sublime Merge crashing with non-required Git filters
  • Fixed line count indicator showing for non-loaded diffs
  • Fixed word-based commands being enabled for password fields
  • Fixed the commit message editing command not providing Git output
  • Windows: Fixed argument quoting for MSYS2 Git
  • Windows: Fixed Git clone failing on Windows when clone directory didn't exist
  • Windows: Fixed tooltips sometimes not being removed
  • Windows, Linux: Assigned Ctrl + F4 keybinding to close tab
  • Linux: User config and cache paths are now created at startup if not present
  • Linux: Fixed crash when switching windows with a context menu open
  • Mac: Fixed unresponsiveness on certain signed commits
  • Mac: Fixed various memory errors

Build 2085

17 March 2023
  • Fixed an infinite loop regression in 2084

Build 2084

17 March 2023
  • Added ability to edit staged files directly using the index editor
  • Text Diffs: Added diff_algorithm preference. By default, Sublime Merge will match the diff.algorithm Git preference
  • Image Diffs: Added WebP support
  • Added Change Theme to command palette
  • Fixed scroll position being reset after deleting a branch
  • Fixed commit editing not showing the command output
  • Mac: Better support for running as root
  • Linux, Mac: Attempt to find the license key for the user when using sudo

Build 2082

31 January 2023
  • Fixed auto-fetch triggering when there are pending fetches
  • Disabled expand_untracked_files_by_default by default
  • Windows and Mac: Updated bundled Git to 2.39.1 (addresses CVE-2022-41903 and CVE-2022-23521)
  • Mac and Linux: Fixed large Git LFS diffs failing to load
  • Mac: Fixed Sublime Merge crashing when child processes crash

Build 2081

13 December 2022
  • Added preference for ordering commit graph by author date
  • Fixed custom commands being disabled in certain scenarios
  • Fixed "Resolve" conflict buttons not handling file deletions
  • Fixed git filters hanging on Windows

Build 2080

6 December 2022
  • Automatically fetch with the new auto_fetch preference
  • Files tab: Now with multi-select
  • Locations tab: Branches with invalid tracking information are now faded
  • Search: select current search query when opening search page
  • Custom commands now support selectors anywhere in an argument
  • Added expand_untracked_files_by_default preference
  • Added re-run button to failed commands in the command history
  • Fixed crash when creating tags on certain commits
  • Fixed incorrect count in branch "ahead" indicator tooltips
  • Fixed syntax highlighting performance issue due to backtracking
  • Fixed modified commit messages being discarded when continuing cherry-pick
  • Fixed memory leak when searching with certain terms
  • Fixed HEAD indictator not updating when initializing submodules
  • Fixed some Git commands failing on branches called stash

Build 2078

2 November 2022
  • Added Open Submodule to command palette
  • Added Copy Tag Name to tag context menu
  • Added support for GIT_CONFIG_SYSTEM and GIT_CONFIG_GLOBAL environment variables
  • Improved unsafe repository detection
  • Added license date to about window
  • Fixed hunk header expansion selecting text beneath header
  • Fixed bug that disabled commit message editing
  • Fixed commit message loss when stashing in certain situations
  • Fixed commit edits failing when submodule changes are detected
  • Fixed signature verification failing for ssh signatures
  • Fixed crash when opening context menu below table of contents
  • Mac: Fixed license being removed due to mac address changing
  • Mac: Miscellaneous Ventura fixes

Build 2076

11 August 2022
  • Added Create Branch from Remote Branch back to command palette
  • Deleted files are now always displayed as inline diffs
  • Tweaked theming for headers in dark theme
  • Improved commit message syntax highlighting
  • Fixed empty condensed branch annotations appearing
  • Updated pull/push keybindings to remove conflicts with OS keybindings
  • Fixed incorrect tooltip offset
  • Windows: Fixed apply_patch command failing
  • Mac: Fixed double clicking on title bar not expanding the window

Build 2075

26 July 2022
  • Patches: Easily create and apply patches using the commit and file context menus. Apply patches using the application menu or command palette.
  • Stash: Added support for --staged flag
  • Commit Graph: Added commit_graph_author_date preference
  • Added Open In Editor to context menu of hidden whitespace hunks
  • Added Open Containing Folder to the command palette
  • Update dialog now displays license validity information
  • Newly added files are now always displayed as inline diffs
  • Fixed table of contents files missing cherry pick and revert menu items
  • Fixed signature verification and commit editing failing on repositories with detached working directories
  • Fixed edit_commit_contents failing on commits with no grandparents
  • Fixed navigate_to_tag failing to find tags
  • Fixed command history layout state not persisting
  • Fixed open_in_editor command waiting
  • Fixed file mode changes disappearing when all hunks are staged
  • Fixed crash when staging certain files with file mode changes
  • Various performance fixes

Build 2073

6 June 2022
  • Search: file and path queries now support absolute paths and Windows-style paths
  • Commands: Fixed checkout_branch command failing when the branch is supplied without an explicit ref type
  • Various syntax highlighting improvements
  • Added "ruler_style" setting
  • Mac: Fixed context menu input focus bug

Build 2072

10 May 2022
  • Application: Added dialog to mark unsafe repositories as safe
  • Tags: Added tags to checkout command
  • Revert: Added warning when checking out a branch when a revert is in progress
  • Submodules: Fixed submodule diffs showing outddated hashes
  • Files List: Added context menu for commit files
  • Files List: Fixed discard filtered files ignoring the filter
  • Files List: Fixed files list filter applying to commit dialog context menus
  • Navigation: Fixed tab-navigation focusing on hidden dialogs
  • Filters: Fixed certain filters causing the application to hang
  • Commit Message: Removed extra padding in commit message input
  • Mac: Fixed bundled Git compatibility

Build 2070

21 April 2022
  • Improved interface for staging/unstaging large changesets
  • Added ability to unset upstreams
  • Fixed scroll position being lost when dropping a commit
  • Fixed scroll tracking when staging large files
  • Windows and Mac: Updated bundled Git to 2.35.3 (addresses CVE-2022-24765 and CVE-2022-24767)
  • Mac: Fixed Ctrl+Mouse1 not opening commit graph context menus
  • Mac: Added work around for broken modal loops

Build 2069

17 March 2022
  • Files List: Stage filtered files using the file section context menus
  • Checkout Branch: Combined all commands into a single command
  • Create Tag: Added warning when tag name is invalid
  • Submodules: Added support for non-absorbed submodules
  • Search: Added auto-matching for quotes
  • Commit List: Added keyboard support for opening context menus
  • Fixed commit message container layout issues
  • Fixed hunk container layout issue for large hunks
  • Fixed OpenGL rendering issue related to the wrong context being active
  • Fixed shadow related OpenGL rendering bug
  • Fixed potential for corrupted menu items in commit message history
  • Fixed back button not working in file history
  • Syntax Highlighting: Fixed crash caused by starting a branch point at the end of a line
  • Linux: Follow system scroll bar overlay setting
  • Linux: Fix various issues caused by the C locale

Build 2067

17 December 2021
  • Fixed stage_hunk keybinding regression for executable and symlinked files
  • Fixed author information being updated when editing commits

Build 2066

16 December 2021
  • Added ability to fetch tags via the fetch and pull commands
  • Recent Repositories: Added Clear missing menu item
  • Search: Improved search auto-complete theming
  • Search: Fixed toggle_search keybinding regression
  • Improved OpenGL rendering performance by automatically batching together controls

Build 2065

10 December 2021
  • Set Upstream: Indicate the current upstream in the list of remote branches
  • Fixed text phantom rendering regression
  • Linux: Fixed packaging issue

Build 2064

6 December 2021
  • Search: Quickly write queries with auto-complete suggestions
  • Recent Repositories List: Prompt to remove from list when opening non-existent repositories
  • Merge Command: Merge unrelated histories using the allow-unrelated-histories flag
  • Commit Messages: Added support for strip and default modes of commit.cleanup
  • Commit Messages: Warn when commit message only contains comments
  • Commit Details: Added context menus to commit metadata items
  • Commit Dialog: Stage submodule changes using Enter
  • Context Variables: Access the in-progress commit message via the commit_message variable
  • Settings: Highlight missing signatures and public keys as errors with signature_error_highlighting
  • Settings: Added draw_unicode_bidi setting, which is enabled by default
  • Clone Page: Added tooltips to clone page inputs
  • Fixed lines with whitespace preceding comment characters being treated as comments
  • Fixed light changelog displaying when dark theme is enabled
  • Fixed crash when selecting previous commit messages containing certain non-ascii sequences
  • Fixed issue with rebase branch preview
  • Fixed data corruption potentially occurring if a crash happens while saving the session
  • Fixed crash when filtering table of contents
  • Windows: Fixed crash when OpenGL initialization fails
  • Mac and Windows: Fixed command line / terminal not taking focus after waiting
  • Mac: Fixed Window > Merge All Windows merging minimized windows
  • Mac: Fixed native tabs restoration resulting in odd behavior
  • Linux: Added missing libcurl dependency for package managers

Build 2062

15 October 2021
  • Improved performance when multiple repository tabs are open
  • Fixed sequential key binding regression in 2061

Build 2061

13 October 2021
  • Added line-by-line staging for untracked files
  • Added context menus for uncommitted file tabs
  • Added tooltips for file tabs
  • Fixed stale repository tab indicators on inactive tabs
  • Fixed gpg hanging on certain systems
  • Fixed diff selections not rendering correctly when line_padding is set
  • Various syntax definition updates

Build 2060

28 September 2021
  • Search by branch using the branch: operator or via the branch context menus
  • Added new update dialog that shows versions, license status and links to the changelog
  • Added comment and commit syntax-highlighting to commit messages
  • Added indicators to repository tabs with uncommitted changes
  • Updated repository tabs to show full path in tooltip
  • Normalise newlines for commit templates
  • Improved the update_remote_url command to populate with the current URL
  • Improved the authentication dialog for GitHub users
  • Improved hardware acceleration performance when rendering white space
  • Fixed the incorrect menu showing for staged files
  • Windows: Fixed slow window creation when using OpenGL

Build 2058

21 July 2021
  • Revert Commits: revert multiple commits via the commit graph and context menu
  • Cherry Pick: added support for the-x flag
  • Add Remote: name input is now validated
  • Commit Templates: added relative path support for the commit.template setting
  • Mac and Linux: open Quick Switch Repository via Ctrl+Alt+P/Cmd+Ctrl+P
  • Hardware Acceleration: performance improvements
  • Updated Copy Repository Path to provide a native file path
  • Fixed Sublime Merge opening a new window via Sublime Text integrations
  • Fixed missing commit button when unmerged files are present
  • Fixed default input focus for the files list
  • Fixed image diffs failing to load Git LFS images
  • Fixed commit.template memory issues

Build 2057

29 June 2021
  • Cherry pick multiple commits via the commit graph and context menu
  • Set commit templates using the Git config variable commit.template (see here for more info)
  • Focus on the checked out branch using Ctrl+8 (Cmd+8 for MacOS)
  • Double click remote branches to create local branches in the Locations bar
  • Added Update remote URL and Copy remote URL to remote context menu
  • Added Copy Repository Path to action menu
  • Open recent commit messages using Ctrl+; (Cmd+; for MacOS)
  • Updated "Pull" button to perform a fetch when in a detached HEAD state
  • Fixed cherry picks failing when the parent folder doesn't exist
  • Fixed missing Continue button when a cherry pick has been paused
  • Fixed up/down behavior in command palette
  • Fixed crash when closing window
  • Disabled discard command for staged files
  • Tweaked how the Push command is displayed in the command palette
  • Safe mode shortcuts can be disabled by creating a file in the data directory called .Disable Safe Mode Shortcut
  • OpenGL: improved rendering performance for textures and other UI elements
  • Windows: fixed globs not being expanded sometimes
  • Linux: Improved cancel/ok dialog ordering consistency

Build 2055

14 May 2021
  • Added $commit_message context variable for historical commits
  • Fixed memory leak on Windows

Build 2053

3 May 2021
  • Added the chain command, which accepts a list of commands to run in its "commands" argument. This allows binding a key to run multiple commands without having to use a macro
  • Added support for Scroll Bar.sublime-mousemap to customize scrollbar interaction
  • Added "Report a Bug" entry in the Help menu
  • Files / Locations filters: toggle commands will switch input focus instead if the filter isn't focused
  • Commit message history: ensure entries are unique
  • Fixed commit signature verification failing with certain languages
  • Linux: Use native file dialogs, allowing use of the KDE dialogs

Build 2052

23 April 2021
  • Fixed crash when opening merge tool

Build 2051

22 April 2021
  • Mac releases now include native Apple Silicon binaries
  • Easily filter through large filesets using the new files filter
  • Cherry pick hunks using the … button on hunks
  • Moving the caret in diffs now scrolls the viewport
  • Improved default selection behavior for switch repository
  • Tweaked theming for text inputs in dark theme
  • Fixed stale commit messages displaying when editing commit contents
  • Fixed commit message history only restoring the first line
  • Fixed gpg signature verification hanging
  • Fixed memory issue when rebasing
  • Fixed command status popups not disappearing
  • Windows: fixed clone dialog not pre-filling

Build 2048

11 March 2021
  • Allow command palette navigation with Tab / Shift + Tab
  • Fixed newlines appearing in the commit message history
  • Fixed blame tooltips not updating in certain circumstances
  • Fixed crash when staging files with certain file encodings
  • Windows and Mac: updated bundled Git to 2.30.2 (addresses CVE-2021-21300)
  • Windows: fixed clean and smudge filters hanging on certain files
  • Linux: improved application menu theming

Build 2046

19 February 2021
  • Fixed regression in tab-navigation behavior

Build 2045

18 February 2021
  • Added commit message tooltip to each parent in the parents section of a commit
  • Editing commits now signs the edited commits
  • Fixed window positions not restoring correctly in certain situations

Build 2044

12 February 2021
  • Image diffs: perform introspection on PGM/PPM files to confirm they are images
  • Remember which workspace each window is in by default (controlled via the setting remember_workspace)
  • Linux: added various performance optimisations
  • Linux: fixed crash on non-gnome desktops

Build 2043

3 February 2021
  • Tags: added command to checkout tags
  • Stashes: added command to delete all stashes (git stash clear)
  • Simplified commit graph context menus
  • Linux: disable custom title-bar on tooltips
  • Linux: disable custom title-bar on non-gnome desktop environments
  • Mac: smerge now correctly restores window positions

Build 2042

29 January 2021
  • Image diffs: added support for PSD, TGA, PPM, and PGM file formats
  • Remote branches: added command to checkout corresponding local branch
  • Switch Repository dialog: open new tabs via Ctrl key (Cmd for MacOS)
  • Location bar filter: automatically select filter text when opened
  • Navigation commands: display a warning when exiting the merge tool
  • Menu files: added submenu IDs
  • Ahead/behind indicators can now be clicked to push/pull
  • Parent folders of the currently checked out branch are now highlighted in the location bar
  • Detached HEAD state is now more explicit
  • Added context menu for branch folders
  • Added --no-verify to push options
  • Added resize_window command
  • Improved blame performance
  • Improved indentation detection
  • Askpass dialog now support fingerprint input
  • Askpass dialogs now detect keypad Enter
  • Fixed newly cloned repositories not loading preferences
  • Previous commit messages are now saved per-repository
  • Fixed regression in OpenSSH askpass handling
  • Added back missing progress bar for long-running commands
  • Added back missing platform-specific menu items
  • Fixed incorrect context menus displaying in location bar
  • Mac: updated icon to follow macOS 11 style
  • Mac: added a workaround for Apple M1 OpenGL graphics driver bug that caused text to be rendered incorrectly
  • Linux and Mac: fixed clean and smudge filters hanging on certain files
  • Linux: Added support for custom title bars
  • Linux: fixed bug with the caret not moving after performing a text drag
  • Linux: fixed freezing on KDE Plasma
  • Windows: added a workaround for Intel OpenGL graphics driver bug that caused black bars at the top of some windows
  • Windows: increased hamburger menu click target size
  • Windows: fixed bug causing menu to appear when using key binding using alt
  • Windows: fixed glyph rendering bugs
  • Windows: fixed hamburger menu alignment
  • Windows: fixed mnemonics overriding keybindings
  • Windows: fixed flashing when using OpenGL and resizing a window
  • Windows: fixed issue with properly sizing maximized windows when using custom title bars
  • Windows: fixed a crash when starting after closing with a window fullscreen

Build 2041

25 November 2020
  • Added location bar filtering
  • Added support for remote tag deletion (via command palette and tag menu)
  • Added support for the break flag when interactively rebasing
  • Added support for the select_remote selector with custom Git commands
  • Added various syntax highlighting improvements
  • Added themed_title_bar setting
  • Updated Ctrl+R/Cmd+R to run navigate_to_branch command
  • Updated refresh command keybinding to Ctrl+Shift+H/Cmd+Shift+H
  • Updated diff titles to elide when space is limited
  • Updated theming of the files list
  • Improved compatibility on filesystems with large timestamp imprecision
  • Fixed inability to revert files if their parent directory does not exist
  • Fixed crash when closing the preferences page
  • Fixed empty selections being rendered as a line
  • Fixed window sizes not preserving between sessions
  • Windows: added support for custom title bars
  • Windows: fixed bug in subpixel antialiasing
  • Mac: fixed bug in batching of large Git commands
  • Mac: added workaround for the command line helper when app translocation is in effect
  • Mac: improved OpenGL rendering performance
  • Windows and Mac: Updated bundled Git to 2.29.2

Build 2037

27 October 2020
  • Improved lexer performance
  • Fixed selection rendering bug
  • Fixed session loading bug with multiple repository tabs
  • Fixed dependency issues when running on Gentoo
  • OpenGL: improved bold rendering with bugged intel drivers

Build 2036

13 October 2020
  • Fixed infinite loop regression with side-by-side diffs
  • Windows: fixed bug with git config path resolution

Build 2035

12 October 2020
  • Tweaked commit graph theming
  • Updated clone page to trim leading and trailing whitespace
  • Updated create_branch/rename_branch command to convert whitespace to hyphens
  • Fixed missing tags in commit graph
  • Fixed duplicate hardware_acceleration preference
  • Fixed incorrect ordering of commit dialog tabs
  • Fixed smerge not preserving session information in some situations
  • Fixed commit summary sizing bug
  • Fixed $text selector behavior with empty text
  • Fixed sessions failing to load when smerge is used in some circumstances
  • Fixed edge-case in delete_remote command
  • Windows: fixed custom commands not launching editor
  • OpenGL: fixed blurry checkboxes
  • OpenGL: fixed rendering issue due to AMD driver bug on Windows

Build 2034

25 September 2020
  • Added further tweaks to commit graph theming
  • Added support for selector arguments to custom git commands ($select_branch, $select_local_branch, $select_remote_branch, $select_commit, $select_tag, $select_stash, $text)
  • Added editor_wait_args to preferences
  • Updated preference categories
  • Updated custom git commands to support launching editor
  • Updated push command to show --set-upstream option when pushing to a non-tracked remote
  • Updated image diff file size limit
  • Tweaked merge algorithm to merge nearby conflicts
  • Renamed Show Branch… to Show Hidden Branch…
  • Fixed bug were commits only reachable by tags were not visible
  • Fixed tooltip positioning bug
  • Fixed bug with Korean IME
  • Fixed bug where some Scalar pack files weren't loaded
  • Fixed revert hunk displaying success message in some failure cases
  • Fixed clone page not receiving input focus by default
  • Fixed inability to scroll to the end of the commit dialog in some circumstances
  • Fixed theme reloading twice
  • Syntax Definitions: fixed infinite loop bug
  • Syntax Definitions: renamed TypeScript to TSX, and added a new vanilla TypeScript syntax

Build 2033

4 September 2020
  • Upgraded commit graph theming - branch colors now match graph edge colors 🎨
  • Improved commit dialog scroll tracking
  • Added preference set GIT_SSH env var (useful for overriding the default SSH client)
  • Added navigate_to_stash command
  • Added drop_stash to the command_palette
  • Fixed edge case bug when staging single lines
  • Fixed invalid initialize submodule menu item

Build 2031

24 August 2020
  • Improved Search History behavior
  • Linux: Fixed context menu positions when the main menu is hidden
  • Fixed an OpenGL text rendering issue

Build 2030

19 August 2020
  • Added tab selector to repository tab bar
  • Fixed line-based operations failing occasionally
  • Fixed input focus handling in commit dialog
  • Fixed signed tags failing when no tag message is supplied
  • Fixed custom themes not loading into askpass dialogs
  • Windows: fixed occasional hangs due to vsync bug
  • Windows: fixed crash when window edge overlaps with faded text
  • Linux: added touch event handling

Build 2028

07 August 2020
  • Added full file diffs - easily toggle between hunk-based diffs and full file diffs
  • Improved performance when loading image diffs
  • Added support for Git LFS when diffing images
  • Fixed clean filters not applying to modified files
  • Fixed context dragger not displaying for some diffs
  • Fixed scrolling behavior regression in commit dialog
  • Fixed context menu behavior when the underlying controls are updated
  • Improved scrolling behavior in preferences page
  • Improved --set-upstream behavior
  • Updated show_all_refs to display when any refs are hidden
  • Windows: fixed crash on Windows due to IME
  • Windows: fixed directory junctions being marked as untracked
  • Windows: fixed clone page not automatically populating source URL
  • Windows: added setting to disable vsync
  • Windows: fixed bug in open_dir_in_sublime_text
  • Mac: added support for editor arguments in preferences
  • Mac: fixed rendering bug
  • OpenGL: fixed glyph corruption due to an AMD driver bug on Windows

Build 2026

27 July 2020
  • Fixed high memory usage associated with image diffs
  • Windows: fixed open_dir_in_sublime_text sometimes missing on Windows

Build 2024

17 July 2020
  • Added image diffs
  • Added revert_hunk command
  • Added rename_remote command
  • Added --set-upstream option to push menu
  • Improved gitflow finish support
  • Commit Signatures: Added GPG4Win support
  • Added always_show_command_status preference
  • Fixed git command output scrolling when output overflows dialog
  • Fixed freeze when switching tabs while command palette is open
  • Improved contrast between selected and unselected repository tabs
  • Added drag-drop support to welcome page
  • Fixed several OpenGL related rendering issues
  • Fixed some symlinks being incorrectly marked as modified on Windows
  • Session is now saved when application is notified of system shutdown
  • Windows: Fixed IME bugs
  • Windows: Safe Mode is now activated via shift+alt
  • Linux: Fixed divider appearing as first item of commit context menu
  • Mac: Fixed smerge creating extra folders
  • Added forward and back navigation to mousemap
  • Fixed crash when core.ignorecase is enabled
  • Fixed crash when navigating to a commit message while rebasing
  • Fixed minor file tab theming bugs
  • Fixed selection bug in command palette
  • Added out of the box support for TypeScript and JSX, with thanks to Thomas Smith
  • Syntax Definitions: "extends" keyword in .sublime-syntax
  • Syntax Definitions: "version: 2" in .sublime-syntax to fix edge cases while retaining backwards compatibility
  • Syntax Definitions: lazy loading of external "embed" actions
  • Syntax Definitions: reduced cache size on disk
  • Syntax Definitions: prevent infinite include loops via with_prototype
  • Syntax Definitions: improved matching performance and memory usage
  • Syntax Definitions: "hidden_extensions" in .sublime-syntax
  • Syntax Definitions: allow combining "pop" with "push"/"set"/"embed"/"branch"
  • Syntax Definitions: fixed a number of scope related bugs
  • Syntax Definitions: fixed some regex capture related bugs

Build 2022

3 June 2020
  • Fixed Merge Tool regression

Build 2021

2 June 2020
  • Merge Tool: Improved merge algorithm
  • Search: Added tree operator, which matches commits with the given tree hash
  • Search: Fixed typographical error
  • Command Palette: Fixed filtering regression
  • Location Bar: Fixed incorrect branch count with nested branches
  • Files Bar: Fixed selection regression in tree view
  • Color Schemes: Fixed text background drawing over underlines
  • Mac: Fixed ctrl+mouse1 not matching the behavior of mouse2

Build 2011

18 May 2020
  • Hardware Acceleration can be enabled via the Preferences dialog
  • Improved selection behavior while loading large repositories
  • Linux: Fixed duplicate repository tabs
  • Linux: Fixed tab dragging under Wayland
  • Windows and Mac: Updated bundled Git to 2.26.2

Build 2009

17 April 2020
  • Added support for non-overlay scrollbars in diffs
  • Windows: Tab titles now only display the leaf path name
  • Fixed Create Tag with an empty message creating the tag incorrectly
  • Fixed hunk staging using the wrong encoding in some scenarios
  • Fixed word wrap context menu regression
  • Fixed shift+enter staging a file even when focus is in commit message box

Build 2006

8 April 2020
  • URLs in commit messages and git output can be opened via the context menu
  • Further performance improvements with very large numbers of untracked or modified files
  • Fixed a file encoding regression

Build 2005

6 April 2020
  • Git: Added support for smudge and clean filters, enabling Git LFS support
  • Git: Improved handling of the working-tree-encoding attribute
  • Running smerge without any arguments will focus the current window, if any
  • Fixed smerge --new-window not working as expected
  • Fixed Update All Initialized Submodules and Sync All Initialized Submodules not working as expected
  • Fixed a crash that could occur with some syntax definitions

Build 2004

31 March 2020
  • Added a lines changed indicator to commits
  • Add Recent Repositories to Welcome Page
  • Added Resolve Ours / Resolve Theirs dropdown to unmerged files
  • Commit Dialog: The Untracked Files tab now allows individual files to be collapsed
  • Holding down Shift on Windows, or Option on macOS, will start Sublime Merge in Safe Mode
  • Improved how tabs are saved and restored to the session
  • The expanded state of the Untracked Files section is now stored in the session
  • Windows: Improved IME support
  • Linux: Fixed a regression in key bindings for the space bar

Build 2002

20 March 2020
  • UI: Reworked Commit Dialog
  • UI: Added a preference to control the sidebar layout
  • UI: Added a preference to control the commit message position
  • Improved performance with a very large number of untracked or modified files
  • Submodules: Added Initialize All Submodules context menu
  • Submodules: The location bar now indicates the value of HEAD for each submodule
  • Git: Improved parsing of .gitattributes files
  • Git: Added support for GUI encoding config
  • Updating settings via the preferences dialog no longer clears comments in the settings file
  • Fixed not being able to commit when email is set to empty string
  • Linux: Improved compatibility with some keyboard layouts
  • Mac: Improved compatibility with some keyboard layouts

Build 2000

3 March 2020
  • New UI
  • UI: Added repository tabs, to have multiple repositories open in a single window
  • UI: Added file tabs when viewing the contents of a commit
  • UI: Reworked the sidebar for a better navigation flow
  • UI: Commit dialog has been split into distinct sections
  • Search: Added before and after operators
  • Merge Tool: Saving a file with unresolved conflicts will warn before saving
  • Added gitflow publish support
  • Windows: Improved IME support
  • Windows: Fixed core.worktree support

Build 1204

21 February 2020
  • Windows: Fixed a crash that could occur on startup

Build 1203

20 February 2020
  • Added Preferences entry for Ignore Whitespace in diffs
  • Fixed a scenario where Checkout would not appear on the context menu of a commit
  • Fixed commit signature verification failing for some commits

Build 1202

11 February 2020
  • Implement commit signature creation and validation
  • Merge Tool: Added a preference to trim trailing whitespace on save
  • Added checks for pushDefault and pushRemote when pushing
  • Added Tools/Show Console
  • Improved menu auto hide behavior on Linux and Windows
  • Fixed smerge path incorrectly restoring the previous windows
  • Linux: Removed dependency on glibc 2.18
  • Mac: Fixed incorrect key bindings for left and right arrow keys

Build 1201

3 February 2020


  • Added command history, available from the Show Git Output icon in the tool bar
  • Added commit message history, available from the dropdown arrow in the commit message box
  • Merge Tool: Indentation settings are now automatically detected from the contents of the file
  • Left and Right keys can be used to expand/collapse merge commits
  • Added Navigate/Go to Child
  • Stash commands no longer supply -q by default, to work around a bug in Git 2.24
  • Fixed a bug in destination path calculation in the clone dialog
  • Checking out a hidden ref will make the ref visible
  • Added set_preference and toggle_preference commands

GPU Rendering

  • New hardware_acceleration setting will composite the UI on the GPU
  • By default, GPU rendering is enabled on Mac, and disabled on Windows and Linux
  • Details about the active GPU will be displayed in the Console

Editor Control

  • Expanded draw_white_space setting, supporting leading and trailing white space
  • Unicode white space characters, such as the zero width no-break space, are now drawn as hex values. Controlled via draw_unicode_white_space setting.
  • Fixed spelling correction to support languages with upper case characters after start of word
  • Linux: Text drag and drop is now supported
  • Linux: Added support for alternate font weight names
  • Linux: Selection is no longer cleared when another application makes a selection

Text Commands

  • Improved behavior of Wrap Paragraph
  • Improved behavior of Swap Lines
  • Added Selection/Expand Selection as a general mechanism to expand the selection
  • Selection/Split into Lines will now split a selection into words if the selection doesn't contain any newlines
  • Fixed swap_line_down not being able to swap an empty line onto the last line of a file

Input Handling

  • Modifier key taps can now be used as part of a key binding. For example, ["ctrl", "ctrl"] will trigger when Ctrl is pressed twice without pressing any other keys in between.
  • Linux: AltGr can now be used in key bindings via altgr
  • Linux: Added a workaround for a touchscreen driver bug, which would cause right click and mouse scrolling to stop working
  • Linux: When the menu is hidden, pressing alt will show it
  • Mac: Fix Pinyin input
  • Mac: Keypad keys can now be bound to as expected
  • Windows, Linux: Hide mouse cursor when typing. Controlled via hide_pointer_while_typing setting.
  • Windows, Linux: Fixed being unable to bind Ctrl+Break


  • Added highlight_gutter and highlight_line_number settings
  • Themes now have a style property for title_bar element, for better integration with OS "dark modes"
  • Added glow font option to color schemes
  • Linux: Show sequential key bindings in the menu
  • Linux: Fixed context menu position being slightly offset


  • Windows, Linux: Added support for per-display subpixel ordering
  • Mac: Improved window resize performance
  • Windows: Fixed rendering bug where other applications could cause persistent artifacts via window animations

Application Behavior

  • Added Safe Mode, to simulate a clean install. Enabled by passing --safe-mode on the command line.
  • Settings containing a UTF-8 BOM will no longer fail to load

Syntax Definitions

  • Added ability to "branch" within syntax definitions, for non-deterministic or multi-line constructs
  • Many syntax highlighting improvements, including significant improvements to:
  • Fixed a performance issue with bounded repeats in regular expressions