Documentation FAQ

What is Git / a Git Client / Sublime Merge?

Git is a distributed version control system - a system used to distribute and track source code changes.

Git was originally written as a command line tool, though there are tools available to provide Git with a graphical user interface (Graphical Git Clients).

Sublime Merge is a Graphical Git Client from the creators of Sublime Text. It is powered by the same performant cross-platform GUI toolkit and syntax highlighting engine used in Sublime Text. Sublime Merge wraps around the core Git functionality, so when you're using Sublime Merge, you're using Git.

How do I use Sublime Merge?

See Getting started with Sublime Merge

Can I stage individual lines with Sublime Merge?


In fact most file-based commands in Sublime Merge also support line selections (see Making a commit)

Can I edit an existing commit?


Sublime Merge supports many commit editing operations.

Locate the commit you wish to edit in the commit graph, open the context menu, and select Edit Commit

How do I authenticate with a remote repository?

See Authentication and Sublime Merge

Can I diff between two commits?


Simply select the two commits you wish to diff between in the commit graph, and the diff will appear in the commit details panel.

Can I customize the keybindings in Sublime Merge?

Yes! See User Bindings

Can I customize the theme in Sublime Merge?

Yes! See Theme Customization

Can I add custom Git commands to Sublime Merge?

Yes! See Custom Commands

Can I do X in Sublime Merge?

Sublime Merge has a lot of functionality, so your best bet is to to check the command palette or context menus. (see Using the command palette)

If you can't find what you're looking for, you can ask on our official forum or share feedback with the team.

Can I share feedback with the Sublime Merge team?

We love our community sharing ideas and feature requests with us.

The best way to do this is through our official issue tracker.